Monsanto’s GMO Bt Corn – Egyptian Study Proves It’s Dangerous

GMO fed to rats in EgyptIndependent Egyptian scientists have found that Monsanto’s GMO Bt toxic corn is NOT substantially equivalent to its NON GMO parent. While Monsanto claims there is no evidence of toxicity in their voluntary safety assessments, these independent scientists will tell you otherwise. By the 91st day of their studies, they found evidence of kidney, liver & intestinal toxicity, as well as male infertility. Time to face the music, Monsanto! BOYCOTT GMOs!

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GMO’s Are Not Natural

GMOs are not NaturalGMOs ARE NOT NATURAL. Tell the FDA not to allow genetically engineered foods to be legally labeled “natural.” There is nothing natural about “food” that is patented by chemical companies and created using genes from unrelated species, a promoter virus, bacteria and antibiotic resistant markers, and is turned into an EPA registered pesticide. Successful lawsuits have been brought against Big Food for misleading consumers, marketing products as “natural” while containing GMOs. This is a slick trick by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for their Big Food members so lawsuits can not be brought forth in the future. And if GMO salmon (aka Frankenfish) gets approved for the markets, it too will bear the “natural” label. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let it happen. Of course, the FDA is filled with ex-Monsanto executives and employees!!




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Bad news for the “GMOs industry” … advances in 2013!!

What’s wrong with us America? The rest of the world knows how dangerous and unknown GMO and Monsanto are, and they are banning it. But In America, we just want to have our food labeled as GMO so we can make our own decision to eat it or not. As this video says, if it’s not dangerous why are they spending millions in each state to NOT LABEL it as GMO???

It Is What It Is


As 2013 comes to a close, we’d like to wish each and everyone one of you a Happy & Healthy GMO Free 2014! As the movement grows, we have much to celebrate, and still much more to get done. Everyone has their Top Ten lists. What is yours?
Here are our Top Ten picks for 2013:
1. Kellogg’s U.S. sales down for 2 quarters because of GMO boycott
2. Hawaii Big Island passes Bill 113 to ban GMO cultivati…on
3. Kauai passes Bill 2491 for GMO & pesticide disclosure and buffer zones
4. Monsanto Protection Act terminated by Congress
5. 2 million people participate in Global March Against Monsanto
6. Connecticut & Maine pass conditional GMO labeling bills
7. Mexico bans GMO corn and throws out Monsanto appeal
8. E.U. bans 4 neonicotinoid pesticides responsible for bee deaths
9. Whole Foods announces mandatory GMO labeling by 2018
10. Chipotle Restaurants announces…

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