Where do you think the future of our food supply is headed?

Control Food and you control peopleWhere do you think the future of our food supply is headed?

My thoughts…

  • Most of our country’s food supply system has become extremely commercialized, with the majority of our food being mass-produced, highly processed, and packaged using massive amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and toxic packaging
  • Large Chemical/Biotech corporations (manufacturers of products like Roundup, Agent Orange, DDT) are taking over our food supply and genetically modifying their seeds to include these pesticides and insecticides in their genetic makeup
  • These same large Chemical/Biotech corporations are buying, hoarding, and patenting all the seeds to be used for our future food supply
  • Big Agri corporate farms are driving our independent and family farmers out of business

I think the future of our food supply is going to be in the hands of


who care for nothing but making more and more profits.

You Don’t Eat GMO… Think Again!

GMO fact of the day 193 lbsOn average, Americans consume more than their weight in GMOs each year – 193 pounds of GMOs per person.  Not to mention the ROUNDUP HERBICIDE sprayed on and absorbed into it, or the Bt TOXINS inside the corn & cotton (seed oil)…   

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Do you really know what GMO is all about? If not, I have developed the following video to provide a simple introduction to GMO for you. After viewing the video, I hope you want to know more.  If so, I have many posts here on my blog about GMOs.

Enjoy the video and get involved in protecting ourselves and our food supply!

Over 1 Billion Pounds of Pesticides are Sprayed Each Year in the U.S.

Did You Know

“Testing of pesticides focuses on the active ingredient. But many other “inert” ingredients are added to the pesticide formulation that is actually sold. A new study suggests that these additives can make pesticides more dangerous to cells than current safety testing reveals.

“A team of French scientists has concluded that studies focused solely on the active ingredients of commercially sold pesticides substantially underestimate their potential hazards….


Glyphosate (Roundup) Found in Birth Defect Piglets Born to GMO-Fed Sows

GMO PigletsDanish pig farmer, Ib Pedersen, found that the incidence of birth defects & other health problems went way down after switching his pigs from GMO to NON GMO feed. He sent piglets with birth defects to a lab for testing. Most disturbingly, the test results showed that the piglets with birth defects had levels of glyphosate in their organs. The higher the level of glyphosate, the worse the birth defects. This leads us to ask…. what level of glyphosate is in the organs of the human beings who are consuming GMOs without their knowledge or consent?

READ MORE: http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2176082/deformities_sickness_and_livestock_deaths_the_real_cost_of_gm_animal_feed.html

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Consider Yourselves Warned…GMO Products Are A Massive Experiment

GMO-Any Politicians Tells you safeGeneticist David Suzuki, CC, OBC, PhD, LLD:  “We are performing a massive experiment. The results will only be known after millions of people have been exposed to (GMO foods) for decades…Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying. The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.