GMO 101 – Always Buy Informed

A good chart from “Follow Your Heart” for those health-conscious people that are looking to find out more about GMO’s. Grow your own vegetables and rediscover what real food tastes like. If you can’t grow your own, then buy from your local/regional organic farmers or health food store.

GMO 101 - Follow YOur HeartFor more information on GMO’s I have included links to a couple of my previous blogs below:


10 Problems with Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

10 Problems with Genetically Modified FoodsDo you really want to eat GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS (FrankenFood) without having any long-term research done on how this is going to impact your body someday? After all, a GMO food is foreign and unknown to your body, which doesn’t know what to do with it, so it just stores it up.

Do you really want to eat GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS that have had it’s DNA  genetically altered to include TOXIC PESTICIDES, INSECTICIDES and AGENT ORANGE?

What can we do?

  • We can educate ourselves and others about GMO
  • We can help get laws passed to require labeling of GMO foods
  • We can boycott GMO food producers and resellers
  • We can buy/support more Organic food providers

If we will all do this, the production of organic foods will increase, the cost will come down, and the giant BioTech companies (Monsanto) that are taking control of our food supply will suffer because there is an educated and knowledgeable population that doesn’t want their damn GENETICALLY MODIFIED AND TOXIC FOODS.