Is Terrorism Your Top Concern/Priority in Your Daily Life??

As we all know, leading up to every election, our private lives are exposed to over-hyped, over-dramatic, non-stop political ads on television, radio, billboards, etc.  Of course the purpose of these ads are to influence your vote, by any means necessary.

During this past election I took note of the continuous use of the phrase “my top priority will be to _____” (fill in the blank with anything related to security). I live in Texas, so most of these “top priorities” mentioned were about securing our border with Mexico. Not necessarily to control the influx of illegal aliens, but to protect us from all those terrorists that are coming to kill us. Really?

In 2013, there were 943 deaths in Texas due to crashes involving a DUI. How about doing something to protect me and my family from these people driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or whatever.

The point I’m making here is the apparent disconnect of our politicians, and news media, with the priorities of the common people. Ever since 9-11 our politicians, the GOP specifically, have continued to build and use the “fear of terrorists” theme to convince the populace to change our world, to our own detriment. As I watched the political ads I just couldn’t believe how this theme was used by candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Congressman, District Attorneys, Judges, etc. I guess it works because most of these folks were elected.

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This got me to thinking and wondering if this whole “fear of terrorists” and “security is our top priority” is really the top priority in the minds of the common people. So I started taking notice of conversations among family, friends, co-workers, etc.

The main subjects of concern that I found, over and over, were related to the following:

  • Jobs (lack of good paying jobs)
  • Ability to support family (food, clothing, shelter)
  • Health issues and cost of health care
  • Fear of losing their home, becoming homeless
  • Income inequality (rich keep getting richer)
  • Education (going in the wrong direction)
  • Organized religion (getting involved in every day life, education, politics)
  • America is becoming a “police state” (militarization of police)
  • Constitutional rights being taken away (privacy, voting, equality)

These are the real priorities in our daily lives. These are the priorities of the every-day, common people that are just trying to survive on a day-by-day basis.

I can honestly say that not once have I been involved in, and/or heard others, discussing the “terrorists around every corner wanting to kill us” issue as a priority in their life.

Yet, during this past election we once again voted to elect/re-elect the same people that are the genesis of, and continue to sustain, these problems and issues that are the real priorities of the every-day, common people.

Please take a few seconds to take the following poll and tell me what your two highest priority/concerns are in your day-to-day life…


Thank you for reading this post and participating in my poll.

They Won, Even Though…

Statue of Liberty CryingThe elections are over. The Republicans now control the House and the Senate.

Even though they are against everything related to common sense, science, and 99% of the American people, they won.

Even though they have been total obstructionists for the past six years, sabotaging this presidency, stagnating the economy, and causing congressional gridlock, they won.

Even though they are against health care for all, social security, minimum wage increases, gun control, immigration, women’s rights, voter rights, income inequality, and global warming, they won.

Even though they have proven over and over that they favor the wealthy 1% and big business over the needs, rights and safety of the common people, they won.

Even though they have publicly acknowledged that our government should not be taking care of our needy, that if you are down and out then you are on your own, and if you can’t make it, then you aren’t trying hard enough, they won.

Even though they send our troops off to war and call them heroes, then continually vote against supporting them once they come home and/or are damaged to the point they can no longer function as fighting soldiers, they won.

Even though President Obama has reversed the great recession, regaining trillions of dollars of lost wealth, and recovering over 10 million jobs lost during the previous presidency, they won.

Even though President Obama got the Affordable Care Act passed, providing health care insurance for over 10 million uninsured people, they won.

This is just not logical.

This just goes to prove what the non-stop, 24×7, spewing of propaganda and distorted facts can do. To this point, I read this morning that Fox news was the most watched during the elections. That says it all.

The Republicans are masters at defining their message and then utilizing the conservative and right wing media to proliferate their distorted talking points and topics meant to mislead and distract their viewing and listening audiences away from real problems, real discussions, and the truth.

While the straight-line conservative media was the worst, the supposed non-partisan media and news shows didn’t do their job and hold the GOP’s feet to the fire for all the obstructionism and congressional gridlock. Just the opposite, they jumped on the bandwagon and followed the GOP’s talking point that the President wasn’t willing to work with them in a bi-partisan way. So they helped the GOP to reach voters beyond their base by spreading the GOP’s same distorted talking points and topics which mislead and distracted their viewing and listening audiences away from real problems, real discussions, and the truth.

I know there are a lot of people that watch Fox news that aren’t necessarily Republicans. However, they are stilling hearing the same talking points over and over, every day. If Fox news is their only source of news, then they never hear any other opinions or facts. I know lots of these people, some in my own family. They are truly not interested in politics and don’t really care to read or watch other sources for political news, so they really don’t know the differences between Democrats and Republicans. They just want to live their day-to-day life, indifferent to the game of politics, big business, and big money. However, when election time comes around, they only know what they have been hearing day in, day out, so they go vote based on what they have been hearing on television, radio, or from other people.

The truth is the GOP didn’t do their job for six years and the media did not hold them accountable. They endorsed the GOP’s strategy and blamed the President for the gridlock and for not being more bi-partisan, leading to his low approval ratings despite all that he has accomplished considering the do-nothing Congress.

As a result the media rewarded six years of GOP bad behavior and total obstructionism. They helped trigger the lowest voter turnout in over seventy years and gave the GOP the majority in the House and Senate.

Even more illogical, most of the people impacted the most by their bad behavior, either voted for them or stayed home.

How gullible and naïve we have become. And the GOP knows it…

America – Do As I Say, Not As I Do…

Voter Suppression - Your Vote Counts - NotAll around the world America has been the most devoted advocate for democracy and free elections. For those brave citizens in countries that have thrown out their dictators and such, seeking civil rights, we emphasize free and fair elections and help organize them. We provide monitoring of elections and send election observers to keep them free and honest.

Great. Wonderful. The people should have their vote on who their leaders and representatives in government should be.

When are we going to do this at home?

Our elections have become a sham. Yes, “we the people” do get out to stand in line and vote (not enough), and expect our vote to count towards who our next president and leaders in government will be. Then we watch the election results come in on TV. While they do show the popular vote tallies, the important part is the number of electoral votes accumulated for the presidential vote, which determines the winner.  That being the case, of course the presidential campaigns are going to focus on those states that have the most electoral votes.

But let’s talk about the dark side of elections – Voter Suppression

“Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from exercising the right to vote. Voter suppression attempts to reduce the number of voters who might vote against the candidate or proposition advocated by the suppressors”. Wikipedia.

On June 25, 2013, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act — eliminating the formula used to identify states with a history of voting discrimination and disenfranchisement. Thanks to SCOTUS, the floodgates for voter suppression were opened.

Immediately following the decision, Republicans across the country moved quickly to pass restrictive voting laws. Citing allegations of mass voter fraud and the need to “preserve voter “integrity”, in 2013 alone, 11 Republican-controlled states took action to limit people’s Constitutional right to vote by passing voter ID laws. Not surprisingly, these voter suppression efforts target groups that overwhelmingly support Democrats…Poor, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Women.

In addition to voter identification laws, there are innumerable cases of voter suppression:

  • Redrawing of voting districts (Gerrymandering) to favor a specific party
  • Restrictions on non-profit voter registration drives
  • Reducing the early voting period by nearly half
  • Billboards erected in predominantly black neighborhoods threatened that “VOTER FRAUD IS A FELONY!”
  • Requiring proof of citizenship at the polls
  • Releasing misinformation about the opponents immigration and labor policies
  • Robocalls to predominantly black counties that encouraged voters to “stay home” rather than go to the polls
  • Releasing misinformation about actual voting dates and times
  • Fake websites to fool voters on who they are actually donating to
  • And on, and on…

So again, while we are out preaching free and fair elections for other countries, we are doing everything we can to “not have free and fair elections” in America. Republicans are so dedicated to supporting the 1% that they can’t win an outright election based on votes, so they turn to voter suppression and disenfranchising tactics, with full support from the Supreme Court.

It appears we need our elections to be monitored so we can have our own

free and honest elections.