This Is A Historical Moment For America

The latest breaking news is the Washington Post article about Russia’s interference in the presidential election. They referred to a secret assessment by the CIA where they concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just undermining confidence in the U.S. electoral system.

Assuming this is all true, this is a historical moment like none before in America. The legitimacy of our government and democracy are in question. We have a foreign country that has clearly undermined our electoral system and influenced the outcome of the election toward their favored candidate, which won. The scope and magnitude of this interference by a foreign country nullifies the validity of this election.

The timing of these findings provide one window-of-opportunity to resolve this issue. On December 19, each state will send their Electoral College electors to their state capitol to cast their vote for their candidate. Prior to that date all of the Electoral College electors should be assembled and receive the CIA’s briefing on this interference by Russia. After they have all the facts about this interference and after having a full month preview of Trump’s behavior, they can make a more informed decision on how to vote. Are they going to be true American “patriots” and vote for what’s best for their country or are they going to be a “political party over country” partisan hack and vote for what’s best for their party? I can’t see Trump supporters changing their votes, regardless of the facts, because they only believe what Trump tells them.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, a cloud of doubt has been embedded in the minds of Americans reference the legitimacy of this election. The level of interference by Russia and the widespread use of voter disenfranchisement is more than enough to deem this election illegitimate.

The only fair way to resolve this is to have a re-election using only auditable methods of voting (preferably paper votes) and a resolution for those large number of voters that were unfairly disenfranchised previously.

It Only Took One Day – Trump’s Minions Are Unbound

In Donald Trump’s campaign for the most esteemed job in America, he threw civility, morality, honor, and professionalism out the door. He took democracy to the gutters by openly evangelizing racism, bigotry, misogyny, hatred and stoking the fear of foreigners and national decline. He went beyond all boundaries of decency expected of a presidential candidate in America by saying President Obama is “the most ignorant president in history,” while continually praising Vladimir Putin for his leadership in Russia.

And Trump’s minions came. They listened. They got fired up. They voted. They won. They are unrestrained.

Extreme racism and hate are already running rampant in America. The “white extremist” subset of Trump’s minions interpreted his election as sanction for unfettered racism and hate, including support for attacking and abusing all non-white people. Just watch the news and social media as stories of non-white people, including children, being bullied and threatened, women being confronted, and buildings being defaced with hate-speech are made public. And it only took one day.

To all those crossover voters that normally vote Democrat and those evangelical voters that swapped their morals and ethics to support this vile con-man, congratulations, you chose chaos over harmony and order.