Baking Kolaches and Thinking

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Well, I am baking kolaches today, and like all women, the whole time I’m baking, I am thinking. I think my Christmas wish for this year would be that CIVILITY returns to America. I am absolutely exhausted by all the division in this country. Can’t we all come together and still respect our differences of opinion. It used to be you could voice your opinion and not get attacked for it. Not anymore. And it seems to me that people who say they are Christians need to set the example. Maybe instead of being so judgmental, they/we could begin to be more inclusive. Isn’t is up to God to judge? If you haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes, how do you know their situation? I also wish that the energy spent on the Duck Dynasty situation (as an example, since that’s the current uproar) could be spent on making sure children and the elderly in this country are taken care of, or that we take better care of this planet, or a hundred other things that affect us all. Oh well, I’ve had my rant. Just remember, united we stand, divided we fall!!!

“The Obama Political Obituaries Are Way Premature”: Nothing That Happened In 2013 Is Nearly As Humiliating As What Bush Endured

I agree wholeheartedly… Great article.

If President Obama saw the columns and news stories I keep reading lately, he’d probably have half a mind to resign and scurry back to Chicago in time to see the Bears lose a playoff game. “Tanking” approval numbers, no accomplishments, rudderlessness, and of course the website fiasco; they all add up, the conventional wisdom seems to say, to a presidency that is already all but finished, unless John Podesta can somehow save it. The Washington Post reported this week that among second-term presidents in the polling era, only Richard Nixon had a lower approval rating at this point than Obama does now.

Nixon? Is it really that bad? (By the way, there’s still a considerable distance between the two—Obama sits at 43 percent in the Post poll, while Nixon was down at 29.) I can read numbers, and I know what’s happened over the past year. Obama…

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Pope Francis: An Imitation of Christ

VATICAN - POPE-GRENATINES[ Re-Posted from Huffington Post | by Jim Wallis ]

Pope Francis is TIME’s Person of the Year. But that is only because Jesus is his “Person of the Day” — every day.

Praises of the pope are flowing around the world, commentary on the pontiff leads all the news shows, and even late night television comedians are paying humorous homage. But a few of the journalists covering the pope are getting it right: Francis is just doing his job. The pope is meant to be a follower of Christ — the Vicar of Christ.

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How Dare the First Family Welcome the White House Christmas Tree

Michelle Obama Receives Official White House Christmas Tree

I just saw the pictures on Huffington Post of First Lady Michelle Obama, first daughters Sasha and Malia, and their dogs welcoming the official White House Christmas tree. Such a nice looking family carrying on the annual Christmas tradition at the White House.

And then I read the comments following the post and pictures. While most were complimentary of the family and their cute dogs, there were some that could not take a pass on the opportunity to make their snide, mean, and spiteful remarks. To some, there is nothing the President or First Lady can do that does not deserve their malicious and shameful attacks.

We are very fortunate to have such a kindhearted, considerate and family-oriented President with such a lovely family. Can we not spare him and his family the political animosity even during the times when they are just trying to be a family; that happens to reside in the White House; because he is the President of the United States.

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