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 Welcome to my blog. My name is Larry Shivers.Larry - High Quality Sepia

I started this blog because I’m tired of all the single-minded people that blog and/or post their one-sided and hypocritical opinions on blogs, FaceBook and other social media.  They are so locked into their views they can’t have a rational or common sense discussion on anything. Of course, these same people will probably say the same thing  about my blogs. But that’s okay, it’s my blog!

This blog is not singularly focused on a particular topic or issue, but it is focused on topics of which I am most interested – mainly outside influences that impact our life on a daily basis, such as politics, health, nature, and organized religion.

One of my primary projects at this time is to help share information and educate the populace on the importance of having a sustainable food supply and the dangerous impact of GMO’s and pesticides on our food supply, our health, and nature itself.

As my wife, Diane, and I discuss all the time, most people are so caught up in living their lives that they aren’t really aware of what’s going on around them that has a major influence on their life. So they form their opinions, if they have one, solely on what they see in the mainstream media and/or hear from a friend, neighbor, or relative without ever seeing the big picture for themselves. They either lack the intellectual curiosity to find out for themselves, or they have become intellectually lazy.

What foundation of experience and knowledge do I base my thoughts and opinions on? Well, I’ve been in the computer and software services industry for forty-plus years (now retired).  During my career I’ve worked for small businesses and large corporations; been an entrepreneur; been an hourly worker; and been a senior executive. During this time I’ve worked with and/or managed all kinds of people from different backgrounds; some smart and some not; some blue collar and some white collar; some highly educated and some not; some white, some black; some hard workers and some not; and some with common sense and a whole lot with none. Through all this I have learned a lot about people, business, money, politics, and what’s important and what’s not. Above all, I’ve been married for over forty-five years to my wife, Diane.  Together we have raised three outstanding boys; who in turn have provided us with three wonderful daughter-in-laws; and now four simply amazing grandchildren (with more to come…).

My goal here is to share rational and common sense thoughts, opinions, and information on a variety of topics and hopefully, share dialogue with others that can have a civil, common sense discussion. However, when it comes to politics this has become a major challenge due to the division in our country.

I look forward to sharing and expanding my, and hopefully yours, pool of knowledge and understanding via open-minded communications with friends around the world.

I hope you find my blog interesting, informational, and sometimes humorous.


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey and hello! Thanks for dropping by my little slice of internet pie and the follow too 🙂
    I’m going to enjoy slowly getting to know more bloggers and will drop by to have a better look around 🙂
    I agree with the common sense thing …it’s not so common..and ahem..I’ve been subject to that affliction at times too. Also agree about how people tend to fixate on one particular opinion and not budge no matter what but at the same time sometimes I feel that’s just fine as long as they don’t try to push it down other people’s throats…that’s not fine at all.

    Congratulations on your first granddaughter! and may there be more bundles of joys to come!

  2. Hello Larry. You have some great stuff on here! Looking forward to reading you posts, and have decided to follow. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my poem. Please feel free to browse – you may find some of interest.

    • Well thank you very much and thanks for the Follow! Glad you like my blog. I will definitely visit your blog. Since you are a poet, how about writing something about the Angels of Nature, the bees? That would be cool… Thanks Penny. Larry

    • Thanks and welcome. I really try to share important information and my opinion for those that aren’t aware of what’s happening around them, and hopefully initiate further discussion. Glad you found my blog And I will check yours out.

    • I apologize, I meant no harm. I’m thinking I found it on the internet somewhere while researching honey bees. I have updated it to give you credit for the picture. It’s a beautiful picture, but if you prefer I remove it, I will. Just want to share information about them and their current plight. Again, I apologize.

  3. You are tired of hypocritical blogs,I.E, ones you don’t agree with.
    “My goal here is to share rational and common sense thoughts, opinions, and information on a variety of topics and hopefully, share dialogue with others that can have a civil, common sense discussion (Teabaggers need not reply!).”
    Do you actually proof your words? I came here to get some unbiased intelligent essays, instead you follow the tropical liberal party line and the wall street protestor mantra. Have you done any essays highlighting our current leaders juggernaut out of control spending, massive unemployment, corruption, and Regal Balls he hosts in his palace? I bet not and yes you voted for him.I will now be Moving On..

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