To the Mom or Dad Who Told Their Child Not to Stare at Mine – by Beth Hersom

This is a wonderful post. This mom is sharing her point of view as a mother of a normal, happy child that happens to look different. She will change how you react next time you see someone that just happens to look different.

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To the Mom or Dad Who Told Their Child Not to Stare at Mine - by Beth Hersom Dear Moms and Dads,

I want to talk about something uncomfortable. It’s come to my attention that many of the best among you are making a big mistake. I understand. I was too, two years ago.

My daughter has a rare genetic syndrome called Apert syndrome. When she was a baby, the plates in her skull fused together. That meant there was no room for her brain to grow, and she needed surgery right away to relieve pressure. Her head is larger than average. When she was born, her fingers and toes were fused together. She’s had the first surgery to separate her fingers, so now her thumb and pinkie are released.  She has a tracheotomy, so she cannot talk yet. Because of various complications, she’s spent a significant portion of her young life in the hospital. She’s developing muscles she needs to sit up on her own and to…

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Wise words for those trying to make sense of the world around them.

DEAR HUMAN - A New Way of Thinking

Dear Human,

Sometimes we get confused.

We spend so much time looking outward for meaning and purpose. We think it can be obtained through worldly activities.

Through religion.

Through righteousness.

Through good deeds.

Through possessions.

Through position.

It’s not “out there”. You’ll never find what you truly seek on any path that others can walk upon with you.

The greatest and most meaningful adventure in your life begins the day you start the journey inward.

That’s where you’ll discover things that will blow your mind. Beautiful, amazing, sentient being.


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