Turn Left on Main Street

Great article about Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship – Turn Left on Main Street


But if Senator Sanders is a crackpot, so are the majority of Americans. The ideas and policies he espouses have far more public support than the journalist habitués of Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue would have you believe.




Bernie Sanders – America’s Candidate

At last we have a candidate that actually “talks the talk” and “walks the walk.” Bernie Sanders is a unique politician in today’s world of politics.

If you are tired of voting for the same old cookie-cutter politician that caters to special interest groups and votes the way their “big donor” overlords want them, then you need to hear what Bernie Sanders has to say.

So take off your political party hat, whether Republican or Democrat, and watch the video below. Be prepared to hear what you have always wanted a presidential candidate to not only say, but does every day in the United States Senate.

Bernie Sanders is the President We Need!

Support Bernie Sanders at https://berniesanders.com/

Bernie Sanders – The Real “People’s Candidate”

Bernie Sanders is the real “people’s candidate.”  He truly cares about the 99% and the future of our country. He is authentic, honest, straightforward, and incorruptible!

bernie sanders - Very Lease we could sayFor more on Bernie Sanders, watch this video-> https://rationalopinionsblog.com/2015/05/31/in-180-seconds-you-will-be-voting-for-bernie-sanders/