A Video I made to show Evil in our World

Very good video from Shauny News. This is our world today.

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth


As an activist for what is wrong with our World, as a person who tries to get to grips or understand why, I thought I would make a video with a song behind it. There are a few images that are bad but nothing terrible. All I share is real, it happened and will happen again, in-fact is happening right now. WE ARE ALL in this World therefor we are all to blame for where it is. I include myself because I was blind to our World and the Evil that has taken not just our World over but also the minds and hearts of people who think it is a loving God they worship, but not in all cases. I sit and watch people, our World, the news, often I sit in my car in traffic or parked up somewhere waiting on someone shopping and I see no signs…

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