Bernie Sanders – Real Champion of the Average American People

Bernie Sanders is truly a “people’s politician” and the real champion of the average American people. The issues he talks about are the same issues he’s been championing since becoming a Senator. He has a platform that is clear and straight forward and he is able to articulate it clearly for all to understand. Most important, he is not rich and is not beholding to any special interest groups.

“We will not accept a society in which the Koch brothers and other billionaires are able to undermine our Democratic Foundation by buying candidates and elections!”

Bernie is taking his passionate message to the common people (99%) and I’m going to help him spread his message on this site.

Bernie Sanders - We need a growing middle classBernie needs our help. He has already received thousands of small donations from  common, everyday people. He refuses to take money from corporations, Wall Street or special interest groups.

Plain speaking and honest. A rarity in politicians today.

More on Bernie Sanders’ Agenda for America –>

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