Indiana – Home of the Puritan Bigots

So Governor Pence of Indiana signed the bill into law that permits prejudice against gays. Of course this law overrides other local ordinances that prohibit discrimination against customers based on their sexual orientation. But I’m sure Big Daddy Pence knows what’s best for all those good folks in Indiana. He will protect them from all those LGBT’s that are just waiting to pounce on Indiana’s puritanical  husbands, wives, and children.

However, he did miss a very important step in the new pro-prejudice law – how do we identify them as LGBT?  So, he will obviously need to amend the law and add that all LGBT’s living in Indiana will have to get a “666” tattoo on their forehead for identification purposes. Those LGBT’s just visiting or traveling through Indiana can go to the nearest Police station and get a temporary “666 stamp” on their forehead. Oh, and then he would need to ban any type of hats or scarves that might hide the tattoo. Oh, and then there would have to be an amendment defining the punishment for not identifying themselves as LGBT.  You get the point.

Thank you Governor Pence for moving Indiana back to the 1950’s, or possibly the 1300’s with this disgusting new law of yours. I lived in Indiana for a few years and I know this is not the voice of the people speaking. This is voice of a few powerful bigots that deserve a big red tattoo on their forehead stating “BIGOT.”


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