10 Things To Know Before You Eat Your Next Chicken

We have all seen or heard already about all the bad things that are used to grow beef and the downside to eating it.  My family stopped eating red meat several years ago, with the exception of a What-a-Burger every now and then.  However, we are avid chicken eaters. This re-post of an article from Fusion.net will open your eyes to the new world of Factory Farms that feed Americans 9 billion chickens a year.



What?! But you’ve seen “cage-free” plenty of times! Google it. The only chickens raised in cages in the U.S. are the ones that lay eggs. When you see the words “cage-free” on a label it doesn’t actually mean anything. Companies put it there, but really, none of the chickens were ever in a cage.


Craig’s barn is a sea of 30,000 birds filled with litter, feces and dusty feathers. When the chicks are fully grown, they have a space equivalent to a sheet of paper to walk around. The burning smell of ammonia is very common.

Chickens in factory farmRead this article and be prepared to think twice when buying your next chicken at the store.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things To Know Before You Eat Your Next Chicken

  1. I am fairly sure — but cannot prove — that many of these chickens have also been injected or fed with growth hormones somewhere along the way to speed their readiness for market. These growth hormones than get ingested by those who eat the chicken and I think that contributes to a very large degree to the rampant American obesity plague. Even though I still prefer chicken and turkey to red meat because of the supposed health benefits. I say “supposed” because when the Food Industry compares health benefits of food products I am still stuck on the amount of additives and I wonder how anyone in that industry can even dare to speak of health benefits associated with their products. It is definitely a catch 22 for the consumer.

  2. They have a nice one in Europe – “Barn reared” that means 30,000 chicks per square inch. We get all our eggs from a local farm delivered each week, and would eat nothing other that free range and organic when funds allow. The thing that always annoys me are the restaurants that offer a “kiddies menu” Invariably one of the choices will be chicken nuggets which is the worst meat on the planet. Often they are made up of chopped up chicken scraps from a factory in Poland including skin and neck and legs. Quite horrible, and I have always denied them to our children.

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