New Republican Congress – Same Old Republican Agenda

Congress is now under total Republican control. It has been eight years since the last time this happened, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner are ready to lead their new Republican majority Congress to new heights.

They can now get serious about passing legislation that benefits everyone, except the American people. Speaker of the House John Boehner has said that Republicans should be proud of “how many laws benefiting the people we eliminated.” He said Republicans just “don’t do all that nonsense” of passing laws for the people. “Unpopular? Yes. Why? Because we’re fighting for what we believe in.”

If we look at the first 200 bills proposed by the new Republican Congress, we know what they believe in:

  • Repealing ObamaCare
  • Deregulating everything
  • Stopping immigration
  • Cutting government spending via austerity
  • Holding the debt ceiling hostage
  • Being against anything the President is for
  • Rewarding their wealthy supporters.

There were no jobs bills; no economic bills; and definitely no environmental bills proposed. Sound familiar? Same old obsession with President Obama, deficits, debt, and women’s bodies. No consideration for the needs of the common, hard-working, American people.

In all fairness, the Republicans are trying to pass one “major” jobs bill; the Keystone XL oil pipeline. It is estimated that this “major” jobs bill will generate approximately fifty (50) long-term jobs. Of course the real beneficiaries of this bill are the Koch brothers and TransCanada, not the American people.

We should not be surprised. The Republicans are keeping their promises to their wealthy and powerful supporters. They will continue to reward the rich (1%) and the big corporations by taking away from the American people (99%).

Another example: By passing a rule banning the transfer of funds within the Social Security Trust, they are supporting the Koch brothers and Wall Street’s quest to gain access to American’s retirement accounts. Passing this rule will help create a Social Security crisis that could lead to privatizing Social Security.

By their actions during the first week in control of Congress, there is no doubt their priorities are to support their wealthy supporters and keep their promises to them. All at the expense of the common, hard-working, American people. Shameful.

Corporate OverlordsNew Republican Congress — Same Old Republican Agenda.

3 thoughts on “New Republican Congress – Same Old Republican Agenda

  1. Some people just don’t get it. Republicans are going to do good for the country. The Democrats have done nothing but dig a bigger grave for America. That’s all they’ve been doing. They keep raising the Debt Ceiling and keep adding taxes.

    Immigration – People argue that the Republicans are against Immigration. Look people, there is a reason why we have Immigration Laws, why English is our Native Language, and why we have Borders. We have these in place to protect culture, to protect a way of life, to protect Biodiversity. You want to experience Biodiversity? How about going and visiting a foreign country? Republicans are not against immigration, if they do it legally. Legally is there to help protect that American way of life. As it is, it’s already threatened by the Muslims trying to enforce Sri Law on everyone. We can’t have something like that. There are just too many people and always will be for their to be a one world government. We have too many cultures, too many differences, too many arguments, etc etc. It just won’t work for this planet.

    Debt Ceiling – When is it going to stop? Every time they increase the debt ceiling, they have to add a new tax. It’s inevitable. They just have to. If it’s not a new income tax, it’s a new Beer Tax or Cigarrette Tax or Food Tax. The growth between the Wealthy, the shriveling Middle Class, and the Poor is huge as it is now. When is it going to stop?

    Deregulation – Some things need to be deregulated, it makes it difficult for people as it is to start Small Businesses today. So, why not deregulate a few of the stupid things we have and cut all the Red Tape that takes both time and money? Better yet, why not at least reduce the Red Tape?

    Repealing Obamacare – Right now, as it stands, Obamacare is preventing growth. It’s preventing Small Businesses from getting more than 50 employees. That’s exactly what the Big Businesses want. They want as much expenses as possible for the Small Business to eleminate the competition. They feel that they are threatened because more and more people are starting to shop at the Small Businesses again. The same goes for Farming. Farming is leaning more and more towards Organic and Small Farm connection. Where you actually know your Farmer, you can actually go to the Farm, see how it’s Grown, etc etc. Obamacare does nothing but add more taxes and hardship for those who are the Poor and Middle Class. It also adds a hardship for Small Businesses. This is not how you do a Healthcare Reform. It’s just not.

    Go ahead. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

    As far as supporting their Wealthy friends…What? The Democrats weren’t doing that? All politicians do that. It’s the Lesser of the two Evils that matters in this debate. Right now, Democrats are the worst. They just want the government to pay for everything. It can’t work like that. When that happens, people become lazy, they lack innovation, they lack inspiration, etc etc. Look at the Poor class today? They have no desire to do any better than they’re doing now. They’re content working 8 hours per day with an hour lunch, thinking that they’re getting ahead. When they’re getting further and further behind. Clearly, someone here is not seeing the Bigger Picture. You need to look at the Bigger Picture of things. When we start taking care of the Laws, Regulations, etc etc, the Economy and Businesses will recover automatically as a result. Not the other way around. You don’t just create jobs over seas in China and claim…..”Look, we’ve created jobs” which is exactly what the Democrats did under the Poor Leadership of Obama. Obama is the Worst President we’ve ever had. Period.

    • Roger, I typically don’t get involved in “give-and-take” political discussions about one of my blog topics because nobody wins. We all have our own opinions and most aren’t willing to change anyway. But I feel I do need to acknowledge your comments.

      You said “Republicans are going to do good for the country.” Okay, when are they going to start?

      I too believe in immigration laws. However, we have a cataclysmic phenomenon going on with immigration and it must be addressed in a sensible and intelligent way. It’s not just black or white.

      I also agree on the debt ceiling. Debt ceiling increases used to be an automatic decision because it had to be done to run the country. Then the Republicans starting politicizing it to the point they are willing to shut down the government over it. I do believe that government spending has has gotten out of control and the middle and lower class are the ones “footing the bill.” For the record, since 1940, Republicans have raised the debt ceiling 54 times, Democrats 40. For the last five Presidents: Obama 3 times, George W. Bush 7 times, Clinton 4 times, George H. W. Bush 4 times, and Reagan 18 times.

      When it comes to deregulation I also believe in cutting unnecessary “governmental red tape”. However, whenever possible, Republican presidents have pursued a policy of widespread deregulation to undermine important financial, environmental, consumer and workplace regulations. Their strategy of handing over regulatory agencies to industries they are supposed to regulate is like “foxes guarding the henhouse.” When regulatory agencies are taken over by special interests and anti-government ideologues, it is an assault on public protections. Sensible deregulation, yes. Extreme deregulation, no.

      As for repealing ObamaCare, I’m for universal, single-payer health care and ObamaCare is a good start. Everyone deserves health care. Most developed countries in the world have figured this out already. Enough said.

      Yes, both parties cater to the rich, but the Republicans don’t hide the fact and admit to looking to their wealthy overlords (donors) for direction. Appalling.

      I do see, and understand, the “Big Picture.” But you are only seeing the “Big Picture” through a Republican-tainted lens.

      Finally, I agree with you, some people just don’t get it, including yourself. You are spouting the same old Republican talking points that are fed non-stop to the public via Fox, Rush Limbaugh, etc. If that’s what you truly believe, okay.

  2. About the government Health Care, I still disagree. It is not…I repeat…IS NOT the governments job to take care of you. It is OUR responsibility to take care of ourselves. It is the job of the government to PROTECT us, not take care of us. So, saying that we NEED a Universal Healthcare System, is a bit flawed logic. People do not see that. It’s like Vaccines, people are not seeing how dangerous they really are. However, this debate is not about Vaccines. It’s about Government. Until people start waking up to the fact that everytime Republicans get into office, the economy gets better.

    Democrats are nothing more than stupid. None of them have ever done anything good for the country except for Clinton and that’s only because he realised that in order to get anything he wanted done, he’d had to work together with the Republicans.

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