Rep. Michael Grimm to plead guilty to felony count of tax evasion, sources say

A prime example of another “do as I say, not as I do” Republican. Despite being indicted for tax evasion (hiding over $1 million income) and hiring illegal aliens, he still won re-election.

Re-Posted from New York Daily News | by John Marzulli, Dan Friedman


The Staten Island Republican was charged in a 20-count indictment with hiding more than $1 million in income and wages at a Manhattan restaurant he co-owned. If he can escape prison time, he’s expected to try to keep his seat, according to a source.

Michael Grimm

Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

After vowing to fight his criminal indictment “tooth and nail,” Rep. Michael Grimm of Staten Island has agreed to plead guilty Tuesday to a felony charge of tax evasion, the Daily News has learned.

Grimm’s admission of guilt will place his congressional career in danger, exactly seven weeks after he won reelection by an overwhelming margin.

Grimm was scheduled to enter the plea Tuesday before Judge Pamela Chen in Brooklyn Federal Court.

A Republican who served in the Marines and worked as an FBI agent, Grimm was charged in a 20-count federal indictment in April with hiding more than $1 million in sales and wages at an Upper East Side restaurant he co-owned, and with hiring undocumented immigrants.

He pleaded not guilty, and his trial was to begin in February.

Despite the indictment, Grimm trounced Democrat Domenic Recchia 55% to 42% on Nov. 4 to win a third term


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