President Obama’s Accomplishments are Damn Impressive

This is What a Successful Presidency Looks LikeLooking back through some of my notes and ideas for future blogs I came across this from a couple of months ago. I had the same thought as I did when I saved it: That’s damn impressive!

We all tend to rate the President on the latest problems or decisions, or lack of. I can remember getting annual reviews at work and it being obvious that my boss could only rate me, and discuss, my most recent performance, accomplishments, or short-comings in some cases. It was up to me to remind him of what happened throughout the whole year and not just the last few months. This was usually followed by the typical “I didn’t realize that was during the past year” or something similar.

When musicians, artists, inventors, scientists, etc. receive recognition and acclaim, it is typically based on their overall “body of work”. They didn’t have a hit song, book, product or discovery every time.

Looking at the graph above on President Obama’s “body of work” and accomplishments while in office, considering he has to fight a “do nothing” Congress that is intent on making him a failure, this is damn impressive. And this doesn’t include the impact of ObamaCare.

Like him or not, he is due kudos for a job well done.




3 thoughts on “President Obama’s Accomplishments are Damn Impressive

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