Is Terrorism Your Top Concern/Priority in Your Daily Life??

As we all know, leading up to every election, our private lives are exposed to over-hyped, over-dramatic, non-stop political ads on television, radio, billboards, etc.  Of course the purpose of these ads are to influence your vote, by any means necessary.

During this past election I took note of the continuous use of the phrase “my top priority will be to _____” (fill in the blank with anything related to security). I live in Texas, so most of these “top priorities” mentioned were about securing our border with Mexico. Not necessarily to control the influx of illegal aliens, but to protect us from all those terrorists that are coming to kill us. Really?

In 2013, there were 943 deaths in Texas due to crashes involving a DUI. How about doing something to protect me and my family from these people driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or whatever.

The point I’m making here is the apparent disconnect of our politicians, and news media, with the priorities of the common people. Ever since 9-11 our politicians, the GOP specifically, have continued to build and use the “fear of terrorists” theme to convince the populace to change our world, to our own detriment. As I watched the political ads I just couldn’t believe how this theme was used by candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Congressman, District Attorneys, Judges, etc. I guess it works because most of these folks were elected.

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This got me to thinking and wondering if this whole “fear of terrorists” and “security is our top priority” is really the top priority in the minds of the common people. So I started taking notice of conversations among family, friends, co-workers, etc.

The main subjects of concern that I found, over and over, were related to the following:

  • Jobs (lack of good paying jobs)
  • Ability to support family (food, clothing, shelter)
  • Health issues and cost of health care
  • Fear of losing their home, becoming homeless
  • Income inequality (rich keep getting richer)
  • Education (going in the wrong direction)
  • Organized religion (getting involved in every day life, education, politics)
  • America is becoming a “police state” (militarization of police)
  • Constitutional rights being taken away (privacy, voting, equality)

These are the real priorities in our daily lives. These are the priorities of the every-day, common people that are just trying to survive on a day-by-day basis.

I can honestly say that not once have I been involved in, and/or heard others, discussing the “terrorists around every corner wanting to kill us” issue as a priority in their life.

Yet, during this past election we once again voted to elect/re-elect the same people that are the genesis of, and continue to sustain, these problems and issues that are the real priorities of the every-day, common people.

Please take a few seconds to take the following poll and tell me what your two highest priority/concerns are in your day-to-day life…


Thank you for reading this post and participating in my poll.

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