Country Living and Sharing A Little Bit of My World

Front Porch View2

Front Porch View

I live in a small town about 30 miles northwest of Dallas, Texas. My wife and I built our home here over 18 years ago on 8 acres. Prior to building here it used to be part of a 200+ acre section of land used for cattle pasture.  At some point the owners decided to break it up into plats of 8-10 acres each.  We were the first to build here and now all the plats have homes on them. Since it used to be just pasture land, there were almost no trees except for a few along the fence line (thanks to birds). We have since planted over 50 trees, and still planting, watching them grow from near twigs to large shade trees.

The picture above was taken from my front porch looking over my 2+ acre front yard. Every weekend morning I start my day on this porch at sunrise with a good cup of coffee, listening to the birds singing and other sounds of living in the country. This is my personal time and place to contemplate, relax, meditate, and pray.



After the sun rises and lights up the Texas sky, I go for a country walk down our road. Next to sitting on the porch this is my favorite thing to do early in the morning. Not only is it healthy, I walk about 1.5 miles, but I get to do a lot of soul searching and talking to myself (usually about a blog I need to write).


My walking road

There is nothing else like walking down a country road, listening to all the birds chattering, dogs barking, and a rooster crowing in the distance. There are cows, horses, donkeys, goats, guineas and an occasional wild critter. There are trees, ponds, hay bales, and tractors. I always have my smartphone with me and have the opportunity to capture some nice images, some of which I am sharing below.

Walking View 2Walking View 1I always feel better after my walk, it’s a great way to start a day.

Every evening when the sun is starting to set, my wife and I go walking together as well. Living in Texas, these evening walks can be fairly warm after it’s been 100 degrees all day, but we do it anyway. A nice ending to the day.



I usually write my blog about current events, politics, etc., but this morning, after my walk, I just wanted to share a little bit of my part of the world.  I’m always amazed when I talk to someone that’s never been to Texas and they believe it’s either all flat, barren land with tumbleweeds blowing or it’s like J.R. Ewing’s Dallas and Southfork ranch.

I hope my commentary and pictures above do justice to how nice and peaceful it is to live in the country, in Texas.  All of these pictures were taken from my porch or walking down our road.

3 thoughts on “Country Living and Sharing A Little Bit of My World

  1. This is nice, Larry. I can feel your sense of peace looking out from your porch and drinking a cup of coffee. it’s much like the way my days start, though I don’t go for a walk since our road is not quite as open and quiet.

    I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a small community where most people commute 30-40 miles down the hill to work everyday. I did that for many years and am now retired enjoying a less structured life. I can identify with your taking it all in, being inspired with the land around you and loving every minute of it.

  2. I remember the beauty of the Texas sunsets over :Lackland Air Force Base and the lihts of distant cities like San Antionio . . . I remember crossing Texas on a Greyhound Bus and as I recall . . ( I could be wrong . . it has been so long ago now) it took about three days or so to get all the way across the state.

    Your home country looks peaceful and serene and I love the walking roads.

    I think if I were to live where you live I would be tempted to get a nice bicycle and ride those roads each morning and maybe in the evening too.

    I have a bike and I ride it about 12 miles each day in nice weather . . along a paved bike path beside a river here. I am 76-years-old.

    Your place is beautiful . . . you are so blessed!

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