Obama’s Strategy to Fight ISIS is the Smart Strategy

My thoughts this morning as the media is once again “beating the drums” for going to war in the middle-east.

Have we not learned anything from fighting Al Qaeda all these years. ISIS, like Al Qaeda, has no state or country to focus our war and our military on. If they did then we could obviously wipe them out before breakfast one morning.  But these terrorist groups, while well-funded and organized, do not have a home base. They are all over the middle-east, in amongst the common people where they can hide so we can’t attack them without killing innocents as well.

Are these terrorists dangerous? Yes. Are these terrorists brutal? Yes.  Do these terrorists need to be eliminated? Yes. Are these terrorists a threat to America? No.  Yes, I know they can help plan some sort of attack on American soil and kill some innocent people. But they won’t topple America.

Those countries in the middle-east where ISIS are operating, attacking innocent people and conducting ethnic cleansing, are the ones that are threatened. It is their society, their way of life, their culture, their history, their security, and their future that is at stake. Those are the countries who need to be fighting to eliminate these radical Islamic terrorists.

ISIS is not doing all this because they hate America. They are targeting ethnic minorities with the goal of wiping them out so can create their Islamic state based on their radical Islamic doctrines.  And if you are not with them, then they will kill you.

Do they hate America? Of course they do. They have learned from Al Qaeda that if they can do some horrendous brutal acts like beheading innocent Americans, we will overreact and send our soldiers to fight them. That is their goal.  They can use American soldiers on-the-ground in their countries to help recruit more radicals to their cause.

Once again the media and the ex-military pundits they parade in front of us on television are doing everything they can to scare everyone into overreacting and sending in the military.  Of course all these ex-military pundits are on the payroll of large defense companies and contractors which will profit enormously if we go back to war. But you won’t hear that when they are on all the news shows.

I personally agree with President Obama’s strategy that he outlined.  Let’s help organize and unite those countries that are threatened by ISIS to do the on-the-ground fighting. Then we can utilize our vast resources to provide them with not only with weapons and air support, but also to attack their financial funding and weapons suppliers. Choke them off and isolate them.

This sounds like the right long-term strategy for the region. Al Qaeda was beat down, but they are still around. ISIS will also get beat down, but they will still survive in pockets.  After ISIS there will be another radical group to step up. We can’t allow ourselves to get caught up in this recurring cycle of “go to war” every time some radical terrorist group starts causing problems in the middle-east.

We’ve seen how well it works when we fight these country’s battles for them… We can’t leave and when we do they can’t or won’t defend themselves.


Country Living and Sharing A Little Bit of My World

Front Porch View2

Front Porch View

I live in a small town about 30 miles northwest of Dallas, Texas. My wife and I built our home here over 18 years ago on 8 acres. Prior to building here it used to be part of a 200+ acre section of land used for cattle pasture.  At some point the owners decided to break it up into plats of 8-10 acres each.  We were the first to build here and now all the plats have homes on them. Since it used to be just pasture land, there were almost no trees except for a few along the fence line (thanks to birds). We have since planted over 50 trees, and still planting, watching them grow from near twigs to large shade trees.

The picture above was taken from my front porch looking over my 2+ acre front yard. Every weekend morning I start my day on this porch at sunrise with a good cup of coffee, listening to the birds singing and other sounds of living in the country. This is my personal time and place to contemplate, relax, meditate, and pray.



After the sun rises and lights up the Texas sky, I go for a country walk down our road. Next to sitting on the porch this is my favorite thing to do early in the morning. Not only is it healthy, I walk about 1.5 miles, but I get to do a lot of soul searching and talking to myself (usually about a blog I need to write).


My walking road

There is nothing else like walking down a country road, listening to all the birds chattering, dogs barking, and a rooster crowing in the distance. There are cows, horses, donkeys, goats, guineas and an occasional wild critter. There are trees, ponds, hay bales, and tractors. I always have my smartphone with me and have the opportunity to capture some nice images, some of which I am sharing below.

Walking View 2Walking View 1I always feel better after my walk, it’s a great way to start a day.

Every evening when the sun is starting to set, my wife and I go walking together as well. Living in Texas, these evening walks can be fairly warm after it’s been 100 degrees all day, but we do it anyway. A nice ending to the day.



I usually write my blog about current events, politics, etc., but this morning, after my walk, I just wanted to share a little bit of my part of the world.  I’m always amazed when I talk to someone that’s never been to Texas and they believe it’s either all flat, barren land with tumbleweeds blowing or it’s like J.R. Ewing’s Dallas and Southfork ranch.

I hope my commentary and pictures above do justice to how nice and peaceful it is to live in the country, in Texas.  All of these pictures were taken from my porch or walking down our road.

The Meaning of the Koch Brothers Tapes: “I Don’t Know Where We’d Be Without You”

US-MEDIA-NEWSPAPERS-LATIMES-PROTESTSo Mitch McConnell, the most powerful man in the Republican party as the Senate Minority Leader and lead naysayer to all things Obama and middle class, heeds the call to come worship at the altar of the Koch brothers and their other billionaire friends.

Kowtowing at their feet, McConnell and the other attending Republican cattle heap praise and thanks for all that the billionaires have done and promise to be true disciples of the Koch brothers agenda (translation: I have sold my soul to you, now please fund my campaign so I can keep my worthless job).

Re-Posted from Huffington Post | by Mike Lux

snip //

This is going to help define the national narrative for the 2014 campaign: these tapes make 100% clear that the modern Republican party is controlled by the Kochs and their billionaire friends. The Kochs invite the most powerful party leaders, the most important candidates, to their “seminars,” and they all come running. These politicians thank the Kochs and their billionaire friends profusely, talk about how they wouldn’t be where they are today without them, and then tell them how they will battle on their behalf if they win.

Read the whole article:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-lux/the-meaning-of-the-koch-b_b_5741530.html