1 thought on “Muhammad Ali: How You View the World

  1. I think what Ali was saying here is that if you haven’t grown in Thirty years then there is truly something wrong.
    When I was a younger woman, I was shy and introverted. I listened well to the words of wisdom handed out by the elders of my family. Especially Granny. She was my maternal grandmother and a direct way with words and cut to the chase on what she meant to say. What she said she said with authority and dignity. Unlike my paternal grandmother who was of less grit and backbone.
    Granny would talk almost incessantly. It was because she had a lot to share about her experience and didn’t want you to miss much. She had a sixth grade education and managed to raise six kids on what she and Granpa made. At one time Gramps owned his own paving company. Granny went to work seriously when the paving company bellied up. Gramps liked his beer. He went off to the Pacific inWWII
    Granny went to work for Remo-Woolridge, a bomb sight and aircraft company. It later turned into Martin Merrietta then Martin Lockheed. In order t get an inspector’s position she didn’t have the required educational background, a high school diploma.The boss told her if she studied algebra and took an aptitude test and passed he would give her the inspectors position. She studied for about six weeks every day at her lunch break and every night after dinner. She finally finished reading and studying the book. She was promoted to solder inspector on the bomb sight line after she aced the aptitude test.
    She was a great woman. She was the center of the family. The glue that held us all together. Just a little slice.

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