Monsanto Patented Most Toxic Pesticide as an Antibiotic

GMO 101: Genetically modified corn, soy, sugar from sugar beet, canola, cotton & alfalfa have genes from unrelated species forced into their DNA to make them able to tolerate being drowned in Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup, and not die. The weeds are supposed to die but we now have Roundup resistant super weeds, which causes farmers to spray ever increasing amounts of Roundup on your GMO food. Roundup was patented as an antibiotic in 2010 by Monsanto and was recently found to be the most toxic of 9 pesticides tested. A recent study found that chronically ill humans had higher levels of Glyphosate in their urine.

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1 thought on “Monsanto Patented Most Toxic Pesticide as an Antibiotic

  1. Doesn’t matter that most experts believe that pesticides are not the ideal solution. Doesn’t matter that most weed varieties are not “Roundup” (a Monsanto pesticide) glyphosate-resistant – a chemical which, according to Health Canada “is acutely toxic to rats via the oral or dermal route at doses as low as 3800 mg/kg”. Doesn’t matter that researchers are already discovering 2,4-D resistant weeds growing in fields. Doesn’t matter that 2,4-D doubles the chance developing leukemia, and is linked to sterility, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and other health effects according to the Ontario College of Physicians. Doesn’t matter that Health Canada banned the product for “aquatic” use. Doesn’t matter that prior to 1995 it was banned outright but under pressure from the US and OECD, and relying heavily on studies from the chemical’s manufacturers, and even making a reference to the very same College of Physicians report mentioned above, it’s now a-okay.


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