GMO’s Are Not Natural

GMOs are not NaturalGMOs ARE NOT NATURAL. Tell the FDA not to allow genetically engineered foods to be legally labeled “natural.” There is nothing natural about “food” that is patented by chemical companies and created using genes from unrelated species, a promoter virus, bacteria and antibiotic resistant markers, and is turned into an EPA registered pesticide. Successful lawsuits have been brought against Big Food for misleading consumers, marketing products as “natural” while containing GMOs. This is a slick trick by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for their Big Food members so lawsuits can not be brought forth in the future. And if GMO salmon (aka Frankenfish) gets approved for the markets, it too will bear the “natural” label. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let it happen. Of course, the FDA is filled with ex-Monsanto executives and employees!!




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2 thoughts on “GMO’s Are Not Natural

  1. I liked this and I don’t want chemicals in my food. Children are reaching puberty earlier and pretty soon we will have ingested enough preservatives to turn ourselves into fossils. Hugs, Barbara

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