Elect Coca-Cola to the Corporate Hall of Shame

Coca-Cola Hall of ShamePeople need to educate themselves and be more aware of what’s happening with our food supply. “Big Food” Corporations have taken over and they only care about their profits. They are genetically modifying our food on the premise that is a “good thing”, but they don’t want to label their foods as GMO. They are using dangerous chemicals in their food/drinks while telling you how good it is for you.

Coca-Cola supports this non-labeling of GMO products. Why? You think maybe some of those many, many chemicals used in their soda may not be safe… Knowing how good an oven cleaner Coke is, who in their right mind, after reading the ingredients in it, would still drink it! Then wonder why they are sickly all the time.

I know some people just don’t care, or just don’t want to know. Or they say “yeah, but I’m drinking diet Coke.” Even worse, with all the damaging “artificial sweetener” chemicals instead of sugar.

AspartameCoca-Cola is on the list for a few reasons. Their support for not labeling GMO’s and its role in the diet-related disease epidemic?

Speak up and tell Coke to stop running misleading ads about Diet Coke and Aspartame.

Help elect Coca-Cola to Corporate Accountability International’s Corporate Hall of Shame. This is for corporations that corrupt the political process and abuse human rights, the environment and our public health.

Click here to vote http://orgcns.org/1iBw1Yl

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