Baking Kolaches and Thinking

[ Re-Post from my good wife’s FaceBook post this morning ]

Well, I am baking kolaches today, and like all women, the whole time I’m baking, I am thinking. I think my Christmas wish for this year would be that CIVILITY returns to America. I am absolutely exhausted by all the division in this country. Can’t we all come together and still respect our differences of opinion. It used to be you could voice your opinion and not get attacked for it. Not anymore. And it seems to me that people who say they are Christians need to set the example. Maybe instead of being so judgmental, they/we could begin to be more inclusive. Isn’t is up to God to judge? If you haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes, how do you know their situation? I also wish that the energy spent on the Duck Dynasty situation (as an example, since that’s the current uproar) could be spent on making sure children and the elderly in this country are taken care of, or that we take better care of this planet, or a hundred other things that affect us all. Oh well, I’ve had my rant. Just remember, united we stand, divided we fall!!!

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