Do You Really Understand Why Politicians are Politicians?

Have you ever heard anyone say anything positive about a politician? So, why would someone go into huge personal debt to finance an election campaign that would ultimately win them a job that pays $175K per year maximum (Congressman)?





Congressman CaricatureEven those politicians that have good intentions when they are elected by the people to go represent them in government, get caught up in the game of politics. Once there, it is not about doing the right things and/or doing what’s in the best interest of the people that elected them. It’s about what their political party wants – and tells them to do. And if they behave, they too will become perennial politicians and reap the rewards (power, money, life-time benefits and perks, high-paying jobs after leaving office) unduly bestowed upon them by rich backers, corporations, lobbyists, etc., etc. If they don’t behave, these same folks will make sure they don’t get re-elected. They have to play the game…

Once they start playing, they are as one. They no longer do the bidding of the people that elected them, but what their political party wants –right, wrong, or indifferent. They now have power, money and deep-pocketed supporters, and they want to keep them.

Unfortunately, these rich backers, corporations, lobbyists, etc., are now telling both political parties what they want and what is in their best interests. And what is it they want… more POWER, more MONEY. Forget the people’s needs; forget the nation’s problems; forget the World’s problems.  Absolute GREED!

Yes, members of both parties do it. However, the Democrats are fighting for the rights of common people, while the Republicans are fighting for the rights of the rich, corporations, and lobbyists.

Rick Perry - smallLet me give you a prime example of of how I see politicians.

Texas Governor, Rick “Slick” Perry.

He was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1984. At that time his annual household income was $45,000. Since then, he has been a government worker on the payroll of the State of Texas for 30 years. He is now a multimillionaire with a net worth over $3M. His salary as the Governor of Texas is approximately $150K. Hmmmmm. I don’t think people get rich just being a government employee for their entire career. Just sayin…He has been Governor of Texas since 2000, assuming the position when George Bush stepped down to become President.  He has since been elected to three terms as Governor. But he’s not done. He wants more POWER. He wants to be President of the United States. Fortunately, his dim-wittedness was on display nationally and his own party did not pick him as a candidate during the last election.

Politicians and the game of politics is a broad topic with many sub-topics. So, I will stop  at this point and leave the sub-topics for future blogs.

Samuel Clemens

“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress.”  

– Mark Twain

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