Why the Third Way hates Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Warren addresses supporters during her victory rally in Boston

The obsessive centrists of the punditverse were abuzz today with praise for supposed centrist Democratic organization Third Way and their grumbling op-ed condemnation of Democratic liberal populism in abstract and “economic populists” like Sen. Elizabeth Warren in particular.

But why would the Third Way, a very reasonable and centrist organization that just wants both parties to get along and agree to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs be so very worked up about Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street reform, and the mere thought of breaking up large banks? Worked up enough to launch an apparently coordinated effort against those things?


Oh. I see.

It is not all that shocking that the Wall Street Way put out an editorial in the Wall Street Journal condemning attempts to point out that Wall Street has, long before the economic crisis and now long after, taken the lion’s share of America’s economic wealth and left the rest of the nation’s citizens to eek by on the increasingly meager crumbs. You form an organization made up almost entirely from wealthy Wall Street partners, ex-partners and other equity managers who don’t like the notions of regulation or taxes, that’s pretty much what you’re going to get.

It’s a bit more surprising that any supposedly astute political observer could look at the effort and declare it a “game changer.” Lord, now, that’s just embarrassing.

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Originally posted to Hunter on Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 01:05 PM PST.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans and Daily Kos.

**By the way, I love this woman.  She is exactly the type person we need in Washington!!

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