Kentucky AG Shuts Down Third ACA Scam Site


Kentucky’s attorney general has taken action against another website for being “deceptively similar” to the state’s official health insurance exchange, The latest copycat website – – is the third website the attorney general’s Office of Consumer Protection has ordered removed, corrected or blocked.

Attorney General Jack Conway said some consumers attempting to locate the official site through search engines were being deceptively steered to the website instead of, where they were provided false information about their options under the federal Affordable Care Act, including being informed that there were no plans with federal subsidies available to offset a portion of their insurance premiums.

The AG’s Office of Consumer Protection contacted the owners of the website on Nov. 26, demanding that the site be taken down. The letter also noted that kynect is a copyrighted term and that the copycat site infringed on the state’s copyrights.

Google was also contacted and asked to remove the website from Google search results. The site has now been taken down and no longer appears on Google search results.

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Why is this type of scam/fraud not being reported by the MSM. We all know who’s ultimately behind these type scams and their willingness to do anything to make sure ObamaCare/ACA is not successful. I have some news for them…Too late. This is working and is only getting better. The ObamaCare/ACA train has left the station and building up steam!

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