Congre$$ Subsidizes GMO Farmers While Punishing Organic Farmers

Big Agri subsidzed while Organic farmers certified


Organic farmers have to struggle enough just trying to grow and maintain their farms without using chemicals, pesticides, and a number of other toxins that are not only dangerous to man, but to nature and the environment. They also have to fight off and compete with the big-company farming co-ops that are run like, and by, corporations. Plus there’s all the money they have to spend to defend themselves from the ridiculous lawsuits filed against them by the big-money GMO companies for infringing on their GMO patents, because the wind blew some GMO seeds onto their farm and they sprouted. You would think our Congress would step in to help them out…

But of course, what does our big-money-donation-dependent Congre$$ do for these small organic farmers… they make them meet a set of higher standards for growing their poison-free, environmentally friendly products; PLUS, pay to get “certified” so they can legally claim to be organically grown.

And of course, what does our big-money-donation-dependent Congre$$ do for big-money Agri/GMO companies (spelled M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O, or as I like to call them MonSatan) that want to put all the little guys out of business? They pay (subsidize) farmers to plant the big-money GMO’s seeds, spray as much toxin poisons on their crops as they want, and they don’t make them endure any strict “certification” process.

This is SO NOT RIGHT!  More to come later…

[Image source – www.Organic Consumers]

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