Hungry for a living wage

Social Action 2014

Corporate America thinks low-wage workers need “advice” on how to manage their finances–but what they really need is a living wage, writes Nicole Colson.

A Walmart worker at the checkout line 

A Walmart worker at the checkout line

FEELING PINCHED for money with the holidays approaching? Never fear–Corporate America is here to help.

Consider the recent food drive at a Walmart store in Canton, Ohio, designed to collect items to help those struggling to put food on the table for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The only problem: Those struggling were workers at the very same Walmart. “Please donate food items here so that associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner,” read the sign attached to collection bins in the store.

Walmart is America’s largest private employer and ranked first on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations for 2012. All told, company profits last year amounted to a fat $17 billion.

Every Walmart…

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