Melding of the State with Corporations

This blog covers everything I have been planning on writing on this topic. People need to wake up to what’s happening around them that impacts their lives.

Okie Progressive

A great discussion dealing with abortion restrictions on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show on MSNBC this morning. It included the lady who recently did a piece about Oklahoma’s restrictive abortion law. Amazingly she reported that a lot of the Republican legislators she interviewed for her piece personally wasn’t against women having abortions but instead of voting their consciences (assuming they actually have one) they voted lock step with what their party espouses which is no abortions are to be allowed. Their interests lies in getting re-elected over doing what is right or even in doing what they personally believe is right.

We are seeing more and more elected officials (and not always just in the GOP) who vote lock step and refuse to stand up and vote for what they believe. That was evident in the recent shut down of the government when Republican house members actually went on camera decrying the…

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